English Language Education in the Philippines: Policy Landscape and Future Directions



English Language Education, Philippines, Policies, Bilingual Education, Teacher Training


This study examines English Language Education (ELE) in the Philippines, focusing on policies, challenges, and prospects. Through a systematic review of literature, it identifies key issues shaping ELE. Policy fragmentation has hindered effective implementation, with initiatives like the Bilingual Education Policy facing criticism and disparities. Teacher capacity and training pose significant challenges due to shortages of qualified English teachers and inadequate training programs. Language competency decline persists, attributed to literature-focused curricula and resource shortages. Despite challenges, prospects for multilingual education and global competence are recognized, with initiatives like Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education showing promise. The study emphasizes the need for coherent policies, improved teacher training, and balanced language approaches to enhance language proficiency. Embracing multilingual education can prepare Filipino students for success in the globalized world. Addressing these challenges and leveraging linguistic diversity can lead to more effective English language education in the Philippines.


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