Leadership Development and Managerial Effectiveness in Educational Settings



School leadership, Managerial performance, Educational management, Leadership development programs, School administration


This study investigates strategies to enhance the managerial performance of school heads through a systematic review of scholarly literature. Critical competencies essential for effective school management, including leadership, strategic planning, communication, and financial acumen, are identified as foundational pillars. Challenges faced by school heads, such as balancing administrative tasks with instructional leadership and navigating external pressures, underscore the complexity of their roles. The study highlights the positive impact of leadership development programs, including professional workshops, mentoring initiatives, and formal training, in equipping school heads with enhanced decision-making skills and leadership competencies. These programs foster collaborative decision-making, promote a culture of continuous improvement, leverage technology for administrative efficiency, and empower leaders through decentralized management approaches. Strategies for improving managerial performance emphasize the importance of fostering a supportive school culture conducive to learning, optimizing resource allocation, and addressing stakeholder expectations. By investing in these strategies, educational institutions can cultivate resilient and visionary school leaders capable of driving positive change and achieving educational excellence.


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2024-06-28 — Updated on 2024-07-09


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Kilag, O. K., Uy, F., Sasan, J. M., Dogomeo, Y. ., Lagnason, M. ., Dela Cruz, Jr., R. ., & Gomez, H. M. . (2024). Leadership Development and Managerial Effectiveness in Educational Settings. International Multidisciplinary Journal of Research for Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence (IMJRISE), 1(7), 7-13. https://risejournals.org/index.php/imjrise/article/view/556 (Original work published 2024)

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